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| suggestive | minimal | beautiful | crackling | noisy | fragile | ambient |

FAP is a music collective that tries to use anything to make interesting music. Add a bunch of computers to the mix and you've got a player piano that goes by the old saying "sticks and stones may break my bones but will that actually sound interesting?"

Just as FAP have nothing to say as to the meaning of their name -- is it an acronym, a verb or the sound made when shooting fireworks at the beach? -- they're not very talkative about their music, motives, motifs or their inspiration.

FAP make sound so you won't have to. Pasta anyone?

The LP "Malekasino Dondolo" is released on May 15, 2006.


FAP - You Golem (MP3, 5,8 MB)
FAP - Sjömannen (MP3, 5,7 MB)

Taken from the LP "Malekasino Dondolo".


Download FAP biography (ENGLISH) (PDF, 979 KB)
Download FAP biography (SWEDISH) (PDF, 979 KB)
Download FAP press image (high res.) (TIF, 4,5 MB)
Download FAP album cover (high res.) (TIF, 2,9 MB)